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Civil Funeral Celebrant

This is My Story

I have led a varied life and have an eclectic CV. Everything from selling shoes to being a television presenter and a raft of things in between.

Working on a helpline gave me great listening skills. Becoming a columnist for a local newspaper, followed by undertaking a creative writing course, made me a published writer. Actor training gave me the confidence to appear before audiences both large and small and becoming a member of Toastmasters International fine-tuned my public speaking skills.

The common thread amongst all these different experiences has been people. The pleasure of meeting and getting to know new people never dims for me so when a chance remark made me realise that all the skills I have acquired through my life make up the perfect description of a celebrant I knew it was a job that I needed to do and immediately undertook training to become a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.